Pizza Buffet

Try Erbelli’s Delicious Pizza, Pasta, and Salad Buffet for Lunch

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Let's face it, pizza and pasta always sound good for lunch. The problem is you can't order a full pizza and full pasta dish without having leftovers for days. You also have to decide what toppings you want on your pizza and what kind of pasta dish you want - that's not always easy. Plus, oftentimes, you want a salad to start with - something to get your pallet ready for the cheesy deliciousness it's about to experience. So, we've made it a whole lot simpler. You can come into Erbelli's and order our lunch buffet where you'll have the choice of many different menu options.

Tags: best pizza delivery in kalamazoo, Pizza Buffet

Short On Time? Try Erbelli’s Pizza Buffet for Lunch

Pizza Buffet

It's happened to us all... you clock out for your lunch break, hit the road, get stuck in traffic, realize you need gas, get a call on your cell phone and, before you know it, half of your break is over and you still haven't gotten anything to eat. Your stomach grumbles and the clock ticks. What are your options? A greasy, production line burger from a fast food joint? An unsatisfying deli sandwich from a questionable gas station refrigerator?

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