Gluten Free

Gluten FreeErbelli's always strives to meet the needs of our customers, including those who desire their food be gluten free. Because food preparation in our kitchen includes dishes that have glutens in the ingredients, we cannot guarantee 100 percent gluten-free when requested.

But we take every precaution to avoid contact between gluten-free food and food that contains glutens. We use a clean pizza cutter and clean cutting surface for our gluten-free pizzas. We also use a separate pot for cooking our pasta and use a separate ladle for the sauces. Our gluten-free options include:

GLUTEN FREE 10" PIZZA - 10" gluten free pizza dough. Please check the pizza section for prices and options

GLUTEN FREE BREADSTICKS - Gluten free pizza dough sliced into garlic butter strips. Served with our pizza sauce. $10.99

GLUTEN FREE 10" ERBBIE BREAD - 10" Gluten free pizza crust basted with our homemade garlic butter topped with mozzarella cheese and Romano cheese. $10.69 Add pizza sauce $0.89


GLUTEN FREE BEZO BREAD - 10" Gluten free pizza crust covered with our homemade pesto, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and garlic butter. $11.79

GLUTEN FREE CHEESE RAVIOLI - Made with brown rice flour and egg. Served with meat sauce and gluten free garlic bread. $12.69

GLUTEN FREE SPAGHETTI - Check our pasta section for gluten free spaghetti substitution options

GLUTEN FREE SUBS - ask for Gluten Free bread when ordering $0.75 for 6" and $1.50 for 12"