Create Your Own Pizza

Every morning at 8am we begin making the dough for our award-winning pizza crust. The yeast we use at Erbelli's comes from a special strand provided by a bakery in Italy. We combine the yeast with the finest flour & spices. Next we add filtered water that is a precise temperature. We mix it all together for 11 minutes and 13 seconds. When it reaches the perfect consistency, we form the pizza dough into pizza dough balls. The pizza dough balls proof until the perfect moment to get the full flavor out of the crust. It's a lot of work but worth it once we hear our guests rave about it all over town. Enjoy!

Note: All our crusts can vary a little in size as we make them fresh to order and the crust is stretched by hand - making it an un-exact science.

Pizza Sizes: Sm. 10"  /   Med. 12"  /   Lg. 14"  /  X-Lg. 16" **
Each Additional Item: $1.09  /  $1.59  /  $1.99  / $2.29

Meat Topping

  • Prosciutto
    Ground Beef
  • BBQ Pork
    Shocker Pepperoni

  • * Candied Bacon
    "Q It Up!" Tri Tip
    "Q It Up!" Fire Chicken
    Breaded Chicken Chunks
    Marinated Chicken Breast
    * Steak
  • * Items count as 2 meats


  • Arugula
    Fresh Spinach
    Fresh Garlic
    Fresh Basil
  • Fresh Mushrooms
    Mandarin Oranges
    Green Olives
    Black Olives
    Fresh Tomato Slices
    Sun-Dried Tomatoes
  • Fresh Broccoli Florets
    Fresh Diced Tomatoes
    Portabella Mushrooms
    Roasted Onion & Pepper Mix
    Red Onions
    White Onions
  • Green Peppers
    Banana Peppers
    Artichoke Hearts
    Roasted Garlic


  • Pizza
    Homemade Alfredo
    Homemade Pesto
    Olive Oil
  • Sriracha
  • Frank's Red Hot
    Ranch Dressing
  • Bleu Cheese Dressing
    BBQ Sauce


  • Bleu Cheese Crumbles
  • Smoked Gouda
  • Sliced Parmesan
  • Pepper Jack
    Low Fat Cheese
    *Fresh Mozzarella


  Free Items

  • Spices on Top
    Sweet Basil
    Garlic Spice
    Pepper & Parsley
  • Flavored Crusts
    Sesame Seed
    Poppy Seed

**Pizza Prices are based on a Cheese only Pizza

Pan Style Pizza Crust

This is a crispy luscious crust loaded with fresh mozzarella cheese, garlic butter and Romano. Add your favorite toppings to make a wonderful pizza. Don’t be alarmed – the crust turns blackened but it is all part of the flavor as it bakes and frys in the pizza pan.

  • Sizes: 7" / 10" / 12" / 14" / 16"


$5.99 / $10.99 / $12.49 / $15.59 / $17.79
Original Hand Tossed Pizza Crust

Crust Choices: medium (standard), thick or regular thin crust.

  • Sizes: 7" / 10"/ 12" / 14"/ 16"
$5.79 / $10.99 / $11.99 / $15.09 / $17.29
Square Pizza Crust

Same as our pan but it has 4 crunchy corners.

  • Sizes: 14"
$16.44 (each topping $2.29)
Atkins Style Pizza Crust

Super thin crust for all you carbohydrate non-lovers just ask specifically for the Atkin's Super Thin Crust.

  • Sizes: 7" / 10" / 12" / 14" / 16"
$5.79 / $10.99 / $11.99 / $15.09 / $17.29
“New Formula” Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Made of Tapioca flour, corn starch and whole grain corn.

  • Sizes: 10"
Chicago Stuffed Pizza

We use two crusts. Stuff all your ingredients in between and cover them up with double mozzarella cheese. The pizza is then topped off with our fresh pizza sauce and Romano cheese. The top crust melts into the cheese creating a soft top layer of crust while the bottom is blackened as it bakes and fries in the pizza pan.

  • Sizes: 10"/ 12" / 14" / 16"
$13.49 / $15.59 / $16.69 / $18.39