What are the differences between our pizza crust choices?

1. Original Hand Tossed Crust: Freshly-made dough that we stretch with our hands and cook on a special pizza screen.
2. Pan Style Crust: Freshly-made dough pressed into a specially seasoned pan that fries the bottom of the crust as it cooks making a blackened darker crust. Note: It's not burnt -- just cooked a bit differently.
3. Atkin's Style Super Thin Crust: Exactly like it sounds. You actually get more items with this choice as we don't leave much of an edge to this crust.
4. Gluten-Free Crust (only offered in 10" size):  If you cannot have gluten or wheat, order this delicious treat. We cannot guarantee 100% gluten-free due to our environment, but we take every precaution by using separate and/or sanitized utensils.
5. Whole Wheat (only offered in 14"): A delicious, hand-tossed, sweet, whole wheat crust.
6. Square Pizza Crust: Same as our Pan Style Crust but it has 4 crunchy corners. The crust turns blackened, but it is all part of the flavor.
7. Stuffed Crust Pizza: We use two crusts, stuff all your ingredients in between and cover them up with double mozzarella cheese. The pizza is then topped off with our fresh pizza sauce and Romano cheese. The top crust melts into the cheese creating a soft top layer of crust, while the bottom is blackened as it bakes and fries in the pizza pan.