Italian food in Kalamazoo

So Many Subs – So Little Time


It doesn't matter what you grew up calling submarine sandwiches - a hoagie, grinder, hero - or even if you think of them as a po' boy, blimpie, or an Italian. However you say it, at Erbelli's we've got a mouthwatering array of sub choices for you. You could even have a different sub every day for an entire month!

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Our Fresh Gourmet Pasta is Perfect for Dine-In or Delivery

Italian Food in Kalamazoo

We make our delicious tomato sauce fresh daily. We begin by sauteing fresh onions and olive oil and then we add fresh blended California tomatoes and our special recipe of herbs and spices, this tomato-y goodness is constantly stirred and simmered on low for two hours. Our classic fresh tomato sauce is, of course, our favorite. Now, with that being said, our other sauces are absolutely delicious in their own right. In this post we will look at some of our favorite pasta dishes - all served with toasted fresh garlic bread.

Tags: Italian food in Kalamazoo