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Pizza Delivery in Kalamazoo

What's more satisfying than a warm bowl of fresh, gourmet pasta? Whether your prefer a tomato, pesto, or alfredo base - when it's poured on top of our perfectly cooked fresh noodles it's sure to please. In this post, we will look at a few of our gourmet pasta offering.

Sostantivo (Fire) Chicken Pasta

This spicy pasta is perfect for those who love their pasta with a kick of heat! We take Q It Up's grilled and wood smoked chicken and blend it with our special homemade marinara sauce, our favorite hot sauce (Frank's Red Hot) and fresh ground black pepper over a plate of perfectly cook penne noodles. If you prefer you can substitute with gluten free spaghetti or whole wheat rotini noodles.

Greek-Style Lasagna

If you're craving lasagna but are trying to eat healthier our Greek-style lasagna is a great alternative. We use meatless marinara sauce, fresh green peppers, crisp red onions, black olives, fresh feta cheese, and oregano. For an added punch of flavor try adding our bleu cheese crumbles.

Pesfredo Pasta

When you can't decide between pesto and alfredo, you can have both! We take our fresh fettuccini noodles, hearty mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes and mix them with our homemade pesfredo (blend of pesto and alfredo) sauce, and top with fresh grated romano. You can substitute with gluten free spaghetti or whole wheat rotini.

Picante Pesto Chicken Pasta

If the Sostanivo (Fire) chicken is too hot for you, this picante pesto chicken pasta may be just right. We use Q It Up's famous chicken, homemade fresh pesto, romano cheese, and poor it over a pile of our perfectly cooked fresh penne.

At Erbelli's we not only have the best pizza delivery in Kalamazoo, we have the most delicious and satisfying pasta dishes in town for dine in, pickup, or delivery! 

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