Enjoy Delicious Gluten Free Pizza, Pasta, Subs, and More at Erbelli’s

Kalamazoo Gluten Free Pizza

Gluten sensitivity and intolerance seems to be steadily increasing since it began being discussed years ago. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that more people have a physical aversion to gluten - it's more likely that people just didn't know that gluten is what was causing their symptoms. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our delicious gourmet Italian food and feel happy and satisfied afterward, not sick, which is why we offer not only gluten free pizza, but gluten free pasta, subs, AND salads!

To do our best to avoid any crossover between our food with gluten and our food without, we use clean pizza cutter and cutting surfaces every time we make a gluten free pizza. We also have pots and ladles that are used exclusively for our gluten free pastas.

Over and over again we have gotten praise from customers who order our gluten free pizza. We did a lot of work to make sure we were making our gluten free crust as delicious as possible. Sometimes it was too eggy, sometimes it was to course. In the end we found the most delectable gluten free crust is made with tapioca flour, corn starch, and whole grain corn. Our spaghetti noodle pasta is also made with corn and served with toasted gluten free garlic bread. We wanted more options than just salad, but our gluten free salad is really good, too!

At Erbelli's, we wanted to make the best Kalamazoo gluten free pizza and we believe we have. We know how frustrating it can be for people with food allergies or intolerances to find options that not only meet their needs but also satisfy their taste buds. Dine in, carry out, or have our gluten free menu items delivered today! 

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